Frazzled… When will things calm the eff down!?

Now that Cris is officially working, we had to tell Medi-Cal and Keep Your Home CA the good news.  They, of course, both dropped us from the programs as expected.  Immediately, I was allowed to roll over on to a real insurance plan through Covered California.  Now we have Blue Shield.  We are still on government health care which isn’t… Read more

Let me try to explain depression…

Depression for someone who doesn’t understand, can be very difficult to explain. Let me try… I feel like everyone exists inside of this oblivious bubble. They are happy within, and are social and content. Outside the bubble are the world’s problems, politics, fears, social anxiety, etc. I feel like I have somehow popped through the bubble membrane and am floating… Read more

Weekend loneliness

I am really NOT looking forward to my weekend without Cris and Bronson… Cris has a big event down in LA for someone’s birthday.  Bronson has a weekend with his Nana & Papa (Craig & Susan) to visit Sara, the Zoo, and the Discovery Center. I could clean, goodness knows we need it, and I could spend the time to… Read more