Update 5/26/09

May 26, 2009

Still no house.  Also, CRIS IS NOT DEAD.  I know that some of you may have read an article (printed in Bakersfield Californian 5/26/09) about Cris’s demise, but that was a different Chris Meadows.  My husband Cris, is alive and well.

Cris Is NOT Dead!!

May 26, 2009

Posted by Tajanator on May 26, 2009 at 3:03 PM comments (0) Today’s paper printed an article stating “Christopher Meadows, 24” died this weekend.  I assure you, this is a different Chris.  My Cris is still alive!  See article below: “Search and rescue volunteer dies at Oceano Dunes Separate accident Monday ties up eastbound 166 […]

MRI -Wow!

May 20, 2009

I went to Truxtun Radiology today for my MRI appointment to see if there was a noticeable reason for my headaches.  They did scans both with and without dye in my veins – that was super weired feeling… like really cold.  My mom had this done recently so she said I could request a copy […]

Update 5/20/09

May 20, 2009

To see our Engagement Photos taken 3/1/08, click here. ((The link is broken until photos are moved from the old site))

Atheism doesn’t mean Bad Person, or Satanist!!

May 11, 2009

Posted by Tajanator on May 11, 2009 at 3:33 PM delete   edit Seriously!! Why do people think that when I say Atheist, I must mean Satanist???!! So that no one is confused, here are the differences: Atheism, Atheist, atheism noun the doctrine or belief that there is no God. disbelief in the existence of […]