35th Birthday at the Beach

I had such an amazing birthday this year.  We drove up to the Beach on Friday night to meet my Mom, Tom, Gabriel, and Bronson who they had taken up earlier in the day.  On my birthday (Saturday) we went to breakfast on the water which was delicious and perfect.  I had a veggie omelet that had avocado, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.  They even had iced latte coffees which was a perfect drink for the morning.  We walked around the Morro Bay strip until Bronson was ready for his nap, then went back and relaxed for a while – and napped.  Dinner was all fish and appetizers. Desert included cheesecake, my fave. The next day we went to the water so Bronson could play in the sand and we ran away from the waves when the tide began to get closer and closer to our sitting spot.  Bronson particularly enjoyed running from the water and squealing each time the tide came up further that before.

Best of all is that I had fairly good emotions the whole weekend.  Especially on Saturday during my actual Birthday.

Overall extremely good, fun, weekend. 🙂


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