3rd Trimester, 32 Weeks Pregnant, 8th month

My baby shower was last Sunday on May 7th. Got a lot of super cute girls stuff for Evie. I’m feeling very unorganized right now… Still haven’t figured out where we are going to put Evie’s crib & clothes. I’m not sure if we are going to put her in the same bedroom as Bronson, or if we’re going to try to set her up in a separate room, at least until she’s a toddler. It won’t really matter at first since she’ll be in our bedroom in the bassinet or sleeper. But her stuff and her clothes need to be organized, very soon.

As for me… 

I’m now 32 weeks along. So far, no swelling. I’ve managed to avoid constant heartburn, although it does pop up more than before. My biggest complaint is currently the lack of energy, and constant leg aches & joint pains. My belly doesn’t feel as huge as it looks when I’m between meals. But after I’ve eaten I feel so giant… Also if I’ve been forced to walk for a while, my belly hurts on the sides like it’s pulling away from my abdomen, and on the bottom like a tendon is pulling from the weight.

My biggest complaint right now, in this part of the pregnancy, is the constant inability to physically motivate myself.  I am “nesting” as they say… getting frantic about all left to do before Evie arrives… and my inability to move furniture around, etc. is really making it difficult to stand being around myself.

The house is always a mess.  I can’t clean because I can’t stand for very long and Bronson is feeling more needy, probably a result of my lack of ability to play with him, so when I try to do anything Evie related (he is catching on, obviously), he gets really ornery and doesn’t let me get anything done which is totally frustrating since it is most likely during the small moment when I actually WANT to try to get something done… I fear that I am too low with my patience levels for him lately.  He halts my every attempt to organize the house because all he sees is that I am finally feeling better and he wants me to spend that energy on HIM and not on cleaning or on anything to do with Evie…. It makes me feel horrible.  I love him so much, and I don’t want him to feel like he is less important to me now, especially since he’ll get enough of that feeling once she gets here, no doubt.


Anyway………………. Hopefully next post update will include changes to the house for Evie.  Her nursery, clothes organized, etc.  Coming soon…?  We’ll see.


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