5 Months Down. 4 Months to Go

Taja’s Pregnant Belly at 22 Weeks, 4 Days, Beginning 6th Month.

I’m now 22 weeks, 4 days pregnant. My belly looks so big in this picture! I can’t believe I still have 18 weeks left. The next 4 months are going to be hard…

I began having Round Ligament pains last week and although the super sharp stabbing pains have subsided slightly, moving around has been made much more difficult.  Tying my shoes has become extremely difficult so I’ve been resorting to slip-on shoes lately. I also feel the need to hold my belly, for support, whenever I am moving around, walking, rolling over in bed, and pretty much all other times. The Ligament pains have caused my tummy to feel like gravity is constantly winning over my body’s strength…

I am feeling kicks and nudges daily now. The baby is extremely active. It’s really nice to have a daily reminder that he’s still in there. Cris has felt him move a couple times now too!  I haven’t seen him kick through the skin yet, but most kicks can be felt from outside the belly now. He’s getting so strong! His favorite dance movie is the bladder bounce. I have to take super frequent bathroom breaks because of it…

But, I am excited to see what’s next. This pregnant stuff is freaking weird!


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