A hairy problem

My stupid hair is falling out… and there seems to be nothing I can do to stop it.  I posted in the last health update about how this had started, hopefully due to stress or my thyroid… but it doesn’t matter.  Either way, it won’t get fixed.  So, on top of the weight gain, and other issues, now I am losing my hair.  Its pretty horrible to think that this could just keep going, and I could end up with alopecia or something…

Here is the current state:
20160901_062747-1.jpg 20160901_062437-2.jpg

And thanks to my skillz… I can hide it mostly, for now:
20160901_064333-1.jpgBut I am totally concerned for the time when I cannot hide it anymore.  If it continues to get worse… and I already feel like a leper with my weight issues, and eye issues, and skin issues… So there you go.

I’m falling apart…

I’m Falling Apart, part 1


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