Acai Berry – Diet Test Trial =FAIL

Acai Berry – Diet Test Trial

Posted by Tajanator on October 26, 2009 at 1:02 PM comments (0)

Follow me on my journey with Acai Berry.  I wanted to see if it really worked. I ordered Acai Berry & ColoThin because they are the 2 products that everyone seems to suggest taking together… I got them in the mail on Friday and am beginning my trial today 10/26th.

The free trials came with 60 Acai Berry pills, 45 Colothin pills, and 90 Triothin pills.

You are supposed to take 2 Acai Berry pills a day, 1 Colothin per day, and the TrioThin are meant to be taken before each meal so 3 per day.  Since the TrioThin are a version of Acai Berry, I will not begin my TrioThin trial until my Acai Berry’s are out.

Acai Berry will last from today (October 26th) thru November 24th.

Colothin will last from today thru December 9th.

I will begin TrioThin on November 25th when Acai runs out, and will take thru January 8th if I take 1 before each meal means 2 per day average.

My full trial will last until the end of the year.

I will be taking 1 colothin per day, and 2 acai berry pills.


Monday, October 26th

Today my trial begins.  I will be taking 1 colothin per day, and 2 acai berry pills.  Here’s hoping!


Tuesday, November 3rd

Today my weight was 142 lbs.  Yesterday it was 147 lbs.  I am totally fluctuating. I am unsure of my weight last week – I totally forgot to weigh myself like an airhead… but I feel like I may have lost like 1 – 2 lbs.  I have been going to the restroom way more often, so I guess the colocure is working… I know, TMI.  Oh, well! lol


Monday, November 16th

So… I haven’t been taking these pills regurly like I was going to. I am at 148 lbs.  The pills totally clean out the colon but with consiquence. It hurts a little, and I couldn’t be too far from a bathroom at any given time.  Yea, test failed.


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