Cris left for Pennsylvania on May 6th. He is now in Michigan. From there he’ll go back to PA then he just found out he’s off to Texas next.  He was supposed to be gone for only one month so I really hope they don’t try to stretch it out past the first week in June!
This being alone really sucks, especially when I’m already sadder than normal.
Why is it if something “sucks”, you can also use the term “blows”?  Hm..
Well this totally sucks & blows equally!
I really miss my husband. I am so glad we have cats. At least Khali keeps me company…

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Love you too. ♥


I’ll be home as soon as possible sweetie. I miss you so much and if it’s any consolation I’m board as Hell also. Can’t wait to come back to you and the fur balls. I miss you more than I did last time I left. Can’t wait for a home cooked meal. Love you very much.