Bad day… Hoping Grandma Colleen is at peace

Got a call this morning. We already had a Day today having had to reschedule class to this morning we had planned on taking Bronson to Norma’s and getting gone by 9am.

We got a call before any of our morning had happened. Grandma Colleen is in the hospital with a swollen heart. Surgery isn’t an option due to other factors. They opted to make her comfortable. Brian and Sara are coming to town and we are all going to the hospital together.

Hoping for better news…



Once everyone was there, they unplugged her from the machines.  She passed about 5 minutes later. Rest In Peace, Colleen.

Bronson’s middle name is Cole after his Great Grandma Colleen. I had hoped he would get to know her more.

Colleen 11/02/1935 to 11/25/2015. She had just turned 80.

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