BofA can change your transaction history?? WTF?!

Scary situation at the bank this week. Our deposit on Tuesday keeps disappearing then reappearing hours later causing notifications of account balance drop… today the dumb thing (which is still “processing” even though it was a cash deposit in the branch) duplicated itself causing our balance to shoot up suddenly. That would be awesome if anything had actually processed but nope. Now there are two deposits in forever processing mode… called the bank yesterday and they had no explanation. They just said “wow how weird” and said we would have to go into the branch WITH the deposit receipt to try to fix it. Screenshots from activity over the last few days plus the receipt in hand, Cris went down today to find out WTF.  They also couldn’t tell him.  They had to call the other branch to shed some light on the odd bank activity.  Apparently the other branch a system shutdown that had caused a glitch on our account.  Wow, how reassuring………….. I have no words for that.  By the time Cris left all we had was a promise that it should be fixed by tomorrow as the branch was manually going through to fix errors from that day.  Also not very reassuring.  We were told we had around $300 if their calculations were right.  Our account balance still says over $900, most of which is a duplicate transaction that still shows “processing”.  I am floored.

The whole reason we have this particular account [Bank of America Safe Balance] is to avoid situations where our money is removed or messed with since the safe balance account has no overdraft fees at all.  If you don’t have the money in the account, they just decline the card. Novel idea!  Why spend money when you don’t have it, anyway.  This is how all accounts should work. But they make money off of your fees for “your protection” so it was extremely nice to not have to worry about overdrawing the account anymore.  Even with the amazingness of this account, Cris and I are now SERIOUSLY considering switching banks again.  Its just too scary that they can glitch at the branch-level and none of the other customer service can even see what is going on.  They had no idea what our account looked like on the 20th when we made the deposit because the transaction history keeps changing day to day.  The history changes!! That means that not everything is set in concrete when banking happens… it can be altered and edited any time!  That is extremely unnerving.

I am so happy that this is going on RIGHT NOW when I am one week away from giving birth to our daughter.  Nice to know I have something else to worry about for zero reason whatsoever.


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