Bronson is crawling at 7 months old!!!

Wow. Bronson is growing so much faster than I imagined. He turned 7 months old just 1 week ago and in that time had also learned to crawl! Ha can also sit on his own now from laying down. It’s amazing how fast this happened from newborn imobility.
He started getting on all fours just a couple weeks ago.

What else is new…  He is now eating 2nd foods by Gerber. They are the tiniest bit more textured, thicker than 1st foods. They are also a little more portioned. He’s doing well so far. He still doesn’t like green foods much like Peas or Green Beans. He still loves orange foods like Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, & Squash. He also loves Pears, Apples, & Bananas. He’s not too keen on the multi-flavored foods yet. And when he is bored or uninterested, he spits whole spoonfuls back out. It’s adorable but frustrating.

He’s just the happiest boy ever. He naps 2 or 3 times daily now and is doing amazing in his crib. I think he likes the space to roll around and readjust throughout the night. He doesn’t always cry for us when he wakes up anymore. Sometimes he fusses a bit, rolls over, gets compfy, then goes back to sleep.

He can pickup his binky on his own and put it back in his mouth now too. This is a simple task but one he wasn’t doing until recently. He finds it among toys and seeks it out when he requires it. He even finds it in bed and readjusts it. Worse yet, he removes it from his mouth violently when he’s trying to stay awake. 

He is growing out of everything so quickly. He was given 4 pairs of footie pajamas on Christmas that are size 12 month. They were big on him and i had high hopes they would last a while. They lasted one month. I just ordered 24 month jammies to replace them. I’m hoping these will be much bigger so he can grow into them for a while before outgrowing these ones….  He is now wearing 9 to 12 month onesies. He’s in size 3 baby shoes. And his diapers, we back tracked to size 3 Huggies (better than Pampers & Kirkland by far) which are definitely too small but are working better than the Kirkland brand size 4s which were leaking nightly. I would say he should be in size 4 diapers easily.

He had some hair on his head that is really fuzzy. I can’t wait until it grown in more.

Here is his 7 month photo:

7 months old
Isn’t he the cutest!!???? ♥


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