Bronson is 8 Months Old today 💘

Bronson is 8 Months Old today! So crazy! 

8 Months Old
He’s on the move and harder to take pix of, too lol! This month he learned to sit up, crawl, pull himself up, & cruise on his own. This month we also had to lower the crib mattress, & move him up to the next size car seat. He’s wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 shoes. His favorite toy is my phone which he always find a way to get and chew before I’ve noticed. He’s exhibited crazy separation anxiety & doesn’t like strangers to hold him, and now his tantrums include throwing his hed back & flopping around lol. 

He’s still not excited about the stage 3 foods that have chunks, he spits out every single chunk he’s fed. He still laughs every time he sneezes, but now hates to be still for diaper changes. He also has to make sure its still there as soon as his diaper is off, & often, until he’s re-clothed. Lol ♥. It was a busy month!


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