Bronson is One Year Old!!!!!

I can’t believe my little baby boy is already a whole year old. He is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m so happy to have such a happy and healthy son.

Year (12 mo.) Stats:
Bronson has 4 teeth total with 2 more on the way.
He walks like a pro and is practicing running.
He eats solids as long as he can gum them down which is most foods now. He loves french fries and scrambled eggs.
He can unlock boxes, and loves figuring out obsticles between him and stuff he shouldn’t have…
He climbs on the tables & couches, and gets down safely – usually.
He claps, waves, shares, puts his binky in your mouth, and will give you something when asked.
He says mama, dada, & said No the other day…thigh not consistantly in a conversational manner.
He laughs when everyone else laughs with the cutest fake baby laugh.
He LOVES screaming & screeching…
He loves to play chase.
He loves bath time, and hates diaper time.
He likes to find your belly button to poke, & likes giving raspberries when he finds your belly.
He likes to put stuff on his head and try to walk.
He loves trying to put on daddy’s sunglasses.
He is wearing size 18-24mo t-shirts, shorts, & pants. 24mo footies. He’s getting too big for his size 4 diapers. He is almost in size 5 shoes.
Height: 30.5 inches (75th Percentile)


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