Bronson is sick… Mommy is depressed..

I’m sure it’s just a common cold or allergies situation. He’s just so healthy nothing hits him very hard. He just wants to cuddle more and is having to breath more through his mouth since his nose is stuffy. He has a little cough and it’s red around his eyes. He gets frustrated more easily since he doesn’t feel good. And he has a tiny fever. But he is content sitting in mommy or daddy’s lap and watching Figaro Pho.

Such a beautiful boogieface ❤

We tried to give him one of his favorite breakfasts today so i made biscuits and gravy.  It was delicious! But he didn’t want any. I hope it’s not gonna be one of those days where i keep trying to get him to eat and he keeps refusing…

Oh well. Maybe some he’s less energetic today, mommy can get some reading done. That would be nice. I never get to read anymore. I’m founder and admin to an awesome book club with 10 awesome chicks and i can’t even read anymore. It’s sounds like a stupid joke.


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