Bronson turned 4 months old!!

As of October 24th, Bronson is now past the 4 month mark!! 

4 Months Old

I know this is a late post but taking care of a 4 month old is more time consuming than taking care of a 3 month old was, unexpectedly.  He is so curious about everything!!

Lets see…. new skills…

First of all, Bronson totally found his feet this month.  He now LOVES grabbing his feet and trying to shove them up to his mouth.

He still totally loves getting his diaper changed.

He had a couple really bad days (a week) of teething pain.  We found out that he can be totally soothed with a warm bath when his mouth hurts.  We even got him to take his bottle in the bath -which had been a total chore all day since his mouth hurt and he had been a fussy eater.

He giggled for the first time.  It happens randomly but we like to classify them by “ha’s”  He has had 1 or 2 ha’s at a time.  (ha, or ha-ha… you get it).  We are waiting for 3.  When we hear 3 it will be a laugh.

He is happiest in the mornings or when he wakes from a really good nap.  He wakes up with a big smile for you.

We tried cereal a few times but he is still not too excited about it.

His favorite toys are the ones that light up and make noise.  His favorite is his blue & green Gloworm.  It plays lullabys and calms him down when he is so tired that he wont sleep.

His musical preferences seem to be instrumental.  He is calmed with calm classical music or movie scoring.

14 pounds & 12 ounces.  <-70th percentile in weight

26 inches (2 feet & 2 inches) tall <- 93rd percentile in height!

16 1/2 inch head circumference <-30th percentile but his head is reshaping itself now that he isn’t laying down as much.  The flat spot is disappearing. Yay!

Diaper Size: 2 but getting tight.

Onesie size: 6 months are the best fit.  3-6 mo are quite snug.

Footie size: 9 mo is best fit.

Favorite Toy: Gloworm



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