Bronson’s Crocheted  Baby Afghan 

Mar 13: 

Since I was left  project-less for a few days /weeks until I can buy the yarn to finish Evie’s blanket, I decided to start  a new swatch to learn new crocheted  stitches. I began with the chain and single crochet in blue. Then tried a grouping pattern using the double crochet. I liked it so much that I’ve decided to finish the project into a toddler afghan for Bronson. 
I’m having trouble finding the right blue to continue… So it’s on pause now as well until I can but the blue yarn… 

Update Apr 23rd:

I found the blue for Bronson’s blanket. And I’ve gotten the length about ⅓ done. Once the length is done, I’ll add a border to finish it. Problem is, I’ve lost my crochet mojo. At least for now. Oh well… 

Here is the pattern I’m working. I’ve made progress since this picture. But It’ll probably be a while before I can update my completed blanket. 


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