My bubby’s 1st Month

Wow. This has been a crazy month!!  It is a strange and amazing thing to take care of a tiny human that was fruited from one’s own loins.   Bronson is the only baby I have ever taken care of so this was/is quite a learning experience.  He is completely unpredictable while being the exact predictable newborn that I tried to read up on.

Our sleeping pattern is destroyed and keeping him happy is a constant game of quess what I am crying for, this time?  He is pretty good as far as newborns go, from what I have heard.  He is happy or sleeping a lot of the time, but we have had terrible bouts of fussing or crying as well.

The list is pretty simple…

  1. Is he fed?
  2. burped?
  3. changed?
  4. warm?
    …still crying?
  5. … then how long has it been since he pooped?
  6. … does he have a fever?
  7. …does he just want to be held?
  8. … is he fine and just fighting sleep?
  9. … etc.

We are still learning, daily.

Then there are the times when he is sleeping, or looking around the room, or memorizing my face when I am in total and complete awe of him.  He is so beautiful and so sweet and innocent.  It is such an amazing thing to think that we have created him from our own DNA.  I am pretty proud of ourselves on that note.

Bronson has become my total obsession and I am now 100% Mommy complete with obsessed mommy-pride.  I have been taking a ridiculous amount of photos of him -viewable in our albums pages- and take more daily.  It is amazing to watch him grow.  In one month, he has already gained over 2 pounds and almost an inch of height (length).  His circumcision has completely healed (in 4 days!!) and his umbilical cord fell off creating a cute little belly button.  He is as healthy as we could possibly hope for!  We love him so much.  I even cry sometimes because my heart is so swollen that it spills over into my eyes.  When they say (and they totally did) that you can’t possibly understand a mother’s love until you have kids, they were so friggin’ right! ♥♥♥

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