Pregnancy update

Stats:  3rd Trimester / Almost 7 months pregnant. / 30th week. Evie should be around 3 lbs.  My symptoms have, very suddenly, become very debilitating. All the normal stuff applies. Sleeping isn’t going well because laying down is less comfortable. My hip joints hurt, my back and tailbone are popping more, etc.  Evie’s kicking more and more.  Her kicks are… Read more (more…)

The Sorrow of a working Mommy

This post is restricted. You must be logged in to view this post and its content. If you are logged in and are still seeing this message, then this might be a just-for-me entry. When I have something very personal going on, I still use this for my diary.. but I am not always ready to share immediately. As time goes by, the my-eyes-only posts often are converted to members-only. Thank you for understanding. -Tajanator (more…)

My tiny boy is TWO!! 💚

This post is a little late, but oh well.

Last month, my tiny baby boy turned two years old. Its so crazy to watch him growing up and learning every day. He is the best thing in my life, and in my day.

I’ve had some major depressions and health issues lately but he keeps me from going off the deep end.  I love him more than anything ever in the history of the multiverse!! Read more “My tiny boy is TWO!! 💚”

My Bubby is sick… Mommy is depressed..

I’m sure it’s just a common cold or allergies situation. He’s just so healthy nothing hits him very hard. He just wants to cuddle more and is having to breath more through his mouth since his nose is stuffy. He has a little cough and it’s red around his eyes. He gets frustrated more easily since he doesn’t feel good.… Read more (more…)

A New Stage of Fear

For Halloween… I thought I should share. For years I have proclaimed that horror stories aren’t realistic enough to scare me.  I have friends who have always been scared of certain types of horror creatures, or didn’t like certain horror flicks because it gives them nightmares, etc. and this has always been confounding and amusing to me.  I truly couldn’t… Read more (more…)

My Bubby Starting Walking!! Ahh!!! (9 Months Old)

My Bubby has been practicing taking steps over the last few weeks and began trying to take more and more steps over the last few days then suddenly today he’s been walking across the room!! He made this distance off camera right before we set him up and began filming. We couldn’t get him to make the whole distance again… Read more (more…)