No-Fat diet Journal… 

May 23, 2017

Due to my 3rd Trimester Gallstones situation, I have had to cut out all fats. The various diet articles I’ve found for the gallbladder aren’t very comprehensive. Some say citrus is good, other say citrus will cause an attack. So I’m journaling so I  can decide for myself what works and what doesn’t. My plan:

My Weightloss Progress (Beginning 7/11/16)

July 28, 2016

I am trying to keep daily and weekly tracking on my weightloss because it helps me stay on track daily.  It helps me remember that each day is another chance to get it right, even if I stray because somebody’s husband bought pizza and everyone else in the house looks happy with their marinara teeth […]

MyFitnessPal – Day 2

July 20, 2016

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Pushing for motivation

July 18, 2016

I am desperate for motivation and to have someone or something keep me accountable for my health goals.  I am trying sparkpeople again… its an app/ fitness tracker. If you want to keep up with my tracking and fitness, I’ve added a weight tracker in the sidebar.

That time when I tried to cut out bread..

May 7, 2016

I have had a really plump last few years.  I’ve gotten older, had a kid, and my thyroid stopped working.  All these things can individually cause weight trouble, let alone all three.  I am lucky I haven’t broke 200 pounds yet… but if I don’t figure this thing out – and soon – that dreaded […]

Life Reset Update…. Month 2

March 28, 2016

My life feels like a whirlwind of disappointment, misunderstandings, frustration, and disorder. My “life reset” is a fucking joke.  Although many of the points are achieved easily, it has done nothing to better my life or experience thereof.  Lets recap: Never get drunk Read more Blog more Follow through in watching TV shows Get on […]

Phentermine Induced Insomnia

September 13, 2015

Geeeez…. I so forgot about this. When i first got on Phentermine i couldn’t sleep well for a couple days. Doc took me off of it for a month, after four months. He just put me back on again. Today was pill #1. And its closing in on 5am, and I’m still wide awake. I […]

Fit For Life BootCamp =FAIL

March 16, 2011

Fit For Life BootCamp Posted by Tajanator on March 16, 2011 at 1:39 PM comments (0) ————————————————————————— Fit For Life Boot Camp Bakersfield Ok.  So, my step-mom Norma sent me an email one day…  It as for a discount on a 6-week boot camp for $59.00.  The deal was for 4-days per week for […]

Secrets to Maintain Weight Loss (Good Motivation)

March 6, 2011

Secrets to Maintain Weight Loss (Good Motivation) Posted by Tajanator on March 16, 2011 at 1:00 PM comments (0) 7 Secrets to Maintain Weight Loss This article was taken from   If you’ve ever lost weight, you know how hard it is to keep it off.   Ever wonder why some people are able to […]

Dear Paige, (9/7/10 3am)

September 7, 2010

Dear Paige, I am wish I could type in cursive tonight because I just found out the schools are no longer teaching it.  I really should practice since my own handwriting sucks. That way maybe I can teach my children because I think its important – not sure why – it just is. Anyway I […]

Dear Paige, (9/1/10)

September 1, 2010

Dear Paige, I’ve had a really bad couple of days diet-wise.  I just don’t understand why I can’t just keep away from such harmful foods!  Hamburgers, fries, ice cream, candy… and as much as I love him – Cris is zero help!!!  He always wants Wendy’s bacon chee, and Pizza, and BBQ and hot dogs […]

Acai Berry – Diet Test Trial =FAIL

October 26, 2009

Acai Berry – Diet Test Trial Posted by Tajanator on October 26, 2009 at 1:02 PM comments (0) Follow me on my journey with Acai Berry.  I wanted to see if it really worked. I ordered Acai Berry & ColoThin because they are the 2 products that everyone seems to suggest taking together… I got them in […]

Addicted to Food! Yuck!!!!

August 20, 2009

Addicted to Food! Yuck!!!! Posted by Tajanator on August 20, 2009 at 7:28 PM comments (0) I am very depressed today. I was sooooo hungry at lunch time that I totally wasted my diet and had Weinersnitzel. I wasn’t the kind of hungry where you are genuinely hungry and can die if you don’t eat… […]