Crazy few days… Congrats to Blake & Lauren!!

OMG………….. I am soo exhausted right now.  The last few days have been soo crazy.


  • Wednesday we hung out with Tim, Steph, Blake, & Lauren before the wedding stuff began.
  • Thursday we attended Blake & Lauren’s wedding rehearsal & dinner afterward, then went to Tim’s until after 1am to hang out before the big day.
  • Friday we went along with the wedding-party (Cris was a groomsman) to the venue. I stayed with the girls and took photos and stuff while they got ready. We got there around 2pm. The wedding was at 6pm. The reception lasted until 11pm.  The party bus then took us from Shafter back to civilization where I was dropped off at around midnight to my car at Blake’s before the rest of the group went to The Padre for the after party.  Cris said they didn’t stay there long since last call wasn’t far off.  Then Cris went back to Tim & Steph’s house where he stayed the night.
  • Today I woke up semi-early for having been so exhausted the day/night before… went to pickup Cris at Tim’s then took him to his truck at Blake’s uncle’s house.  From there, we were going to have breakfast at Denny’s or somewhere when he got called into work! (I was supposed to make Tuna Casserole for my mom today then go antiquing for her late bday gift… but that couldn’t be fit into the craziness… & Cris was supposed to go on a SOLR ride today which is now off since hes gotta go to work…)  So we hauled butt back home to get him ready for work and he left around 2pm.
  • Now… It is not even 5:30pm and I am POOPED!
  • Tomorrow is bookclub at 3pm and I have a feeling I will be in bed until the last possible minute recuperating!!

It was so crazy yesterday trying to do all that running around with the baby bump in tow.  It was the sort of thing I probably wouldn’t even have noticed…and yet, in my condition, my back was aching, my feet were totally swelling (not a lot but I could tell my toes felt funny), my eyes were heavy way earlier than should be possible…and I was ready for bed hours before being reunited with my car.

But, it was an awesome & beautiful wedding.  I have photos of Lauren getting ready and some random pix up on the gallery page.


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