Crazy Saturday! AKA Grandpa’s 80th Bday!

Posted by Tajanator on May 12, 2008 at 2:30 PM


May 12, 2008 – Monday

Crazy Saturday..

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Saturday was my grandpa’s 80th birthday.  ♥ Isn’t he awesome?!

To celebrate, I spent the night before at my mom’s so we could wake up at the ass crack of dawn to go to grandpa’s favorite truck stop Zingo’s and decorate his booth with signs and pictures.

We woke up at 5am to do this.

After breakfast, mom and I went back to her house to do my “Save the Date” cards. Her printer was not cooperating so we had to hand write them all… they had to be out by today cause the postage changes Monday. This was the deadline.

After we got them all done, we got ready to go to my Grandparents house for Grandpa’s formal birthday dinner party.

Spaetzle is one of my favorite foods… I want grandma to teach me the recipe.

We left there at about 6pm, and went to the bar for some drinky-drinks to take a load off from this busy day… We didn’t realize our day was not over.

We got home at around 7:30pm and I tried to take a nap. There were kids outside screaming in unison “Ready, Set, Go!” over and over again with a camera crew filming them running back and forth down our street. I gave up on the nap.

Around 8pm Cris and I were taken by surprise by a bunch of police vehicles surrounding our house. The apartment behind us was being raided for drugs. They had a K-9 unit out and there were guys with flashlights and vests on, and they were digging through the dumpster and all around our home. This lasted for a few hours.

Finally I got tired of sitting outside talking about it and went inside to catch the end of the movie “only the lonely”. After this, Cris and I went to bed at around 12midnight.

We laid in bed falling asleep…

Then 12:30am We heard a very loud noise… almost like some one was taking a shower in the front bathroom. After the ruckus with the cops, Cris and I were sure we had an intruder. Cris went into the hallway slowly with his shotgun and me behind… he yelled for the intruder to show himself cause he had a gun. He stopped in the hallway next to the bathroom and peered to the right into the front bathroom. “Holy Shit” he yelled… dropping his gun and rushing into the bathroom. “Get the wrench”

Before I got to the bathroom to see, I noticed water coming out into the hallway. The pipe at the toilet exploded and there was water quickly filling the floors of our new apartment.

Cris got the valve at the back of the toilet turned off a couple minutes later.. or what seemed like an hour. We got the water in the bathroom scooped into the dust pan and into the bathtub… and soaked up as much as we could with towels and blankets.

Then at around 2am, went to bed for the second time.


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