Crochet for Bronson’s Stuffies

Since I realized I could teach myself to crochet. And that it was easy. And much more fun than knitting…. I began more projects to keep myself busy. 

Bronson was aware that the blanket I had been working on was for his new baby sister that still in mommy’s belly. So I wanted to include him in something as well. I asked him if he would like a blanket for his stuffies. He got very excited and proclaimed that it wasn’t for the baby!  Yep. 

So I had him pick the material  & yarn. I only made it around 18″-ish X 12″-ish. I started it on  3/8/17 it and crocheted the border by the next day. He uses it for his  favorite stuffy every night now, usually his big monster. 💙


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