Dear Evie, 

I’ve been thinking of you more and more as the days pass. Every day, every week, I get closer to the day when I finally get to meet you. I’ve become obsessed with your kicks, even the ones that hurt. 

I keep wondering what you’ll look like. Will you look like your big brother? Or me? Or like daddy? Will you have dimples? Or maybe just one dimple like Bronson? Will you have straight hair like me, like Bronson? Or curly hair like your daddy? I’m so excited to see your little face, to put a face to my imagination of you. I’m excited to dress you up in all of the cute clothes. I’m not really very girlie. I considered myself a tomboy growing up. But for some reason I’m excited to dress you girly. Perhaps not as girly as some of the clothes I’ve seen with flowers everywhere or satin and lace… But I’ve always liked the color pink. And hearts, stars, and bows are frequent patterns. And the shoes! So many little punky converse style shoes and sneakers… So awesome! 

Bronson has been interested in feeling my belly lately. He is excited to have a little sister though I’m not sure he fully understands all of what that will mean for his daily routine… You’re due date is July 4th which is only one week after his 3rd birthday. So he’s a little young to fully comprehend the pregnancy. He probably won’t remember being an only child… 

You won’t care about this, but our finances are a bit of a worry right now. Daddy got laid off from a really good oil job about a year ago and it’s been rocky since then. He went to work for your Nana & Papa and their repair shop. That was working for a while, but the work just isn’t there. They aren’t busy enough to continue to support an employee. So Daddy is looking for a job. I’m a stay at home mom right now. I stopped working when my morning sickness got really bad a few months ago in December. We were able to budget to make it possible. But now, I’m not working, and Daddy is looking for work, and you’ll be here soon. So our stress is heightened, understandably. 

I’m excited for your baby shower. It’s in two weeks. It’ll be fun to see what kind of girl did we get for you.

Anyway that’s what’s going on in our lives right now. 

But you may be interested in other facts… What’s going on in the world right now? 

It’s April, 2017. Our current president is Donald Trump. What a surprise he was. A business tycoon, and long time celebrity, it was a shock to a lot of people that he made it past the primaries. He won! Good to know the rule where anyone can become president is still valid. 

The world is really connected thanks to the Internet and social media. The news has stopped reporting facts though which is disappointing. Now they are all about what stories will get the most click-traffic regardless of truth or embellishments…  Facebook is the most popular social platform but Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are also popular. I love Goodreads though it’s less popular; it’s more about books than gossip. 

The iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones are the most popular smart phones. Tablets are replacing laptop computers… I’m not in board yet because I like my keyboard. 

Nasa & SpaceX is planning a colonization of Mars. Sounds pretty sci-fi to me. But they are pretty serious about it. Facinating right? I’m sure you’ll be well past college by the time anything comes of those plans. Mars is years away, literally. 

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting. But I’m sleepy and I’m gonna end this here. 

I love you so much Evie. I’m so excited for your arrival and can’t wait for you to complete our family of four. See you soon. 💜

-Your Mommy, Taja. 


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