Dear Paige, (9/21/10)

Dear Paige,

I can’t believe that my last entry said nothing about my anniversary.  Cris and I were married 9/7/08 so we just had our 2 year anniversary!  A couple days after, Cris got the courage to give me his gift which was a poem in a card that read “I’m glad I spotted you, Happy Anniversary” with lady bugs.

His poem read:

From the Start
With all my heart
I’ll love my wife
for all my life.
Her hair so perfect
Her eyes that glisten
Even when I don’t listen
It’s been 2 years
It never gets old
from what I’ve been told
for ever and ever
with no letting up

Isn’t that sweet??I love him so much!  Ok, so I do need to say that since last entry I totally fell off my diet – again – as always… and have gained a few pounds – like always.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it. And, I am not getting any younger.

Cris and I are still trying for babies and nothing has happened there either. I just don’t know if I’m ready for kids yet. I am almost 30, shouldn’t I be aching to be a mom by now? I’m afraid that I’ll be a bad mom. I’m too selfish.  I like things done my way and have little patience… I really hope I change if I get prego!  Ugh!  I’m tired and not yet done with Vampire Diaries The Return Shadow Souls. I friggin love Damon in this book and cannot wait to see what happens.  He’s just so evil and conflicted! I wish there was a story with the main character like this – Damon’s cunning nonchalance, Edward’s amusement with the world, Jacob’s playfulness, Stefan’s passion, Harry’s courage, and Stark’s self confidence.  🙂

I’m getting a little tired of the brooding sort.  Maybe my next 3 vampire book series should be Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, Black Dagger Brotherhood by JK Ward, Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian [I’d heard those were good].  Oh well.

I’m going now. Off to read in the dark dimension from Fell’s Church and then to the dream realm.

♥ Taja


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