Dear Paige, (9/7/10 3am)

Dear Paige,

I am wish I could type in cursive tonight because I just found out the schools are no longer teaching it.  I really should practice since my own handwriting sucks. That way maybe I can teach my children because I think its important – not sure why – it just is.

Anyway I am writing this at 3am because I’m having serious insomnia tonight and have already read close to 100 pages of my book and haven’t gotten tired yet – BLAH.  I’m also having cramps!!  😒 but of course I really have nothing too important to tell you other than I’ve decided not to be fat any longer. I’m dieting again tomorrow and am gonna start exercising very soon too. I really want a new Gazelle because they really kick my ass when I am using it daily – Ugh. gonna try to sleep again.

Goodnight Paige.


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