Deleting our Facebook Accounts

Cris and I have decided to quit facebook.  I am quitting by the end of the day, today, June 12th. If you still want to see pix of the new baby when he arrives (now 3 weeks from my due date) then it will be viewable on this website.  All of our updates and family info that we wish to share will be on here instead of social networks, the few acceptations are listed below.  We are kicking it back to old school.

We also removed all possible information from our Google+ accounts a while back which were not created on purpose… we didn’t even realize we had any until watching a documentary about how out of control the social networks have gotten.  So if you see either of us on there, it is not an active account. It is just something that now comes with Google if you have an account with them which most people have.  YouTube is linked with Google, and our email from decades ago is on there.  Unfortunately, those will remain active… though we probably won’t be publishing personal videos to YouTube any longer.  They will be posted directly to our personal site, here, in our videos page.  Our website will remain up because the info here, although it can be found easy enough, is not part of the media stream that currently populates within the government and other companies who regularly purchase information from Facebook, Google, and others.

I know that this has all the markers and tell tale signs of a random “conspiracy theory” with “big brother” watching our every move, but unfortunately this is now undeniably true.  We have had our blinders on for too long.  We were all aware that this could be happening but chose to believe that that was far fetched or just random paranoia.  We should have paid more attention before now… some of the features that Google offered, although creepy, seemed interesting at first.  I didn’t reject the fact that they no longer presented ads that were boring or stupid, but ads with products that I actually like.  I should have read into that more.  To do this, they have to not only have all of my information stored, but have created an engine that uses my information on a regular basis.  And this was just one of the things to happen recently.

Anyway.. if you are reading this, then you already know how to contact Cris or I.  This is our personal website, hosted by US. Sure, we have a site and domain host, but it is not controlled by them unlike social networks are.  If you want our personal information, you can ask us for it. If we know you in any way, we can still keep in touch all of the normal ways… we still have cellphones, emails, and physical addresses.  I am still a member of Twitter (@tajanator) for random blurbs – but none of my personal information is available through Twitter, certainly not like Facebook, so the worry is not as present.  I am also available on Goodreads for book discussions (  I am also still on Instagram & Pintrest (user Tajanator) though I rarely use them.

Facebook was fun while it lasted, but it has gotten less and less personal lately anyway.  The information on there, while it used to be from a social standpoint, is now mostly just shares & likes.

Some interesting things to watch if you want more information:

Farewell Facebook.  I hope you and MySpace are happy together in the forgotten-social-network graveyard.  From what I have read online, we are just two of many, many others who have gotten tired of the social network information sharing highway.



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UPDATE: (9/4/14)

I’m sad to say that I have rejoined facebook. I won’t be posting photos, am not using my real name, won’t download their privacy-violating app, and am not really sure that I’ll even be on there long before changing my mind again… But many friends and family that I used to talk to often via Facebook, I find I no longer keep in touch with. That’s really shitty. It irritates me that the masses use it as sole communication, but there it is. I am falling off of the wagon, so to speak. – Taja


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