Diet attempt number… 3 thousand?

Posted by Tajanator on November 21, 2008 at 3:05 PM


November 21, 2008 – Friday

Diet attempt number… 3 thousand?

Current mood: hopeful




I am on a diet, yet again. I am calorie counting with hopes to stay below 1300 calories per day.


I really hope I don’t ruin my diet again… I am extremely bad at staying on track with these things… I have become too comfortable with my size; this is not good.

I got a wake up call with a photo taken of me during Cliff & Miranda’s wedding… gross!!

I should be in a size 9 jeans, not 13.

I should be skinnier than my husband…

I should not have to hold my arms in pose every picture to hide “buy buy arm”.

I want to be able to sit on a couch with a tight shirt on, and not worry about my belly fat slipping out of my jeans making a perfect tire roll.

I should have been able to do this for my wedding… I will always regret not being my skinniest for my princess day.

Hopefully by May of 2009, I will have reached my goal of 120 lbs. (This is the amount of time it will supposedly take to reach my goal the healthy way.)

OH!!! Anyone who wants to work out with me & Chrisjames, we will be at BodyXchange on White Ln every Tuesday & Thursday for cardio.

30 lbs to go! Wish me luck!


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