My Stupid Disclaimer Disclaimer

Yes this is another one of those annoying “look-at-me” blogs.  This is a public-diary.  So there are a lot of “thoughts” on here that you probably don’t give a crap about – unless you know me and like me.

If you are a friend/family member who is worried by my rantings, don’t be.  I am not suicidal or troubled.  I just like to vent my thoughts & most vent-worthy thoughts are the bad thoughts.  It helps, trust me.  It makes it feel like I’ve talked to someone even though I haven’t.

If you don’t like me, then this site will probably amuse you. Good for you, enjoy.

Restricted Posts:  If a post is restricted to users only, it’s because it’s more private or embarrassing than normal and therefor is only visible to approved members.  Any friend or family who creates a login will have viewing access to these posts – this is how I prevent them from being made public to all.



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