Disgusting Person

Disgusting Person

Posted by Tajanator on July 21, 2009 at 2:15 PM comments (0)

I know this guy…  He is the most disgusting, despicable, whorish person I have ever met in my entire life.  Every time I think he cant possibly surprise me with anything he does because I expect the absolute least from him as a human being, he does something so unbelievable that I actually can’t believe it- once more.

Lets run over the things that he is that is so disgusting to me.

  • First of all, the word “disgusting” actually describes his person! He wears his pants below his “plummer’s crack” line- at all times.  He ALWAYS smells.  He has an over grown, un-manicured beard and greasy bald head. He always seems to have something stuck in his beard and on his shirt!! Gross!
  • Second of all, he can’t help but speak vulgarly about women and their private parts, being as detailed as possible to give the most vulgar mental images.  He has even gone as far as to show me a picture of his girlfriend who was posing in a position that can only be described as XXX… Why on earth would anyone have a pic like that on their phone? And, why on Earth would you show someone a picture of your “girlfriend” if you had any sort of respect for her, or women in general!!!??  Besides all of that, you show this despicable picture to another girl who not only hates the topic youv’e chosen to discuss… but by showing her the picture you demean her to her face & basically tell her how little respect you have for all women.
  • He is an alcoholic.  He never stops drinking, even while at work doing service calls; even while watching his children.  His children also are allowed to drink, open beverage, in front of his home and are instructed to go inside and mix drinks for daddy all night long – while you can see that they sip drinks all night and eventually get drunk in front of everyone!
  • He is a liar!  Everything out of his mouth is a total embellishment of the truth if it is not a bold face lie.  He lies to his bosses about where he is going, and why he calls in sick 4 times a month.  He even lies when he gets into trouble, blaming other people -even friends- to try to keep himself out of trouble.  He is Mr. Blame Pointer; everyone around him can be blamed for his own actions, he is not above ruining a friends life if he can get himself out of a jam.  He has even lied on his resume by stating he has a degree from a College that he knows to have burned to the ground losing its records – so no one can prove he doesn’t have the degree in question; he has admitted to this and finds it extremely funny!! Wow, dude!
  • He tells stories over and over again.  These are not interesting stories, nor are they even truthful, undoubtedly.  He has a way of drawing out a simple story by repeating himself again and again… and somehow manages to tell you the most boring parts.  When he gets drunk, this gets worse.  No one around can have a say in the conversation, because he wants to be center stage and yet has nothing to say that is worth listening to.

I could go on and on for an extremely long time, but I prefer not to think of him any longer.  He doesn’t deserve even my bad thoughts.  Now that I have released my rant… I have cleansed my brain of all thoughts of him!


I dedicate this song to the above mentioned person:  Fuck You by Lily Allen


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