Doctor Visit & Depression Meds

I had a doctor follow up today.  The last time I did labs (about a month ago) they had collect a 24hr urine sample. Today my results!

Firstly, when I first got there the lady said they didn’t have the mental wellness questionnaire on file for me so I needed to fill it out again for their file.  I thought this was rather odd… since the first time I completed it was rather a wake-up call for me since all of my answers were in the “very” and “all of the time” columns to the right — an area I gathered you aren’t supposed to have a ton of affirmatives for.  Anyway, so I retook the questionnaire and realized that I might want to bring to their attention, since they asked, that I have some pretty big problems in the depression category right now.

/// side note… my weigh-in today was 184.4 which I am fairly certain was the exact weigh-in from before I lost any weight over the last couple months.  so that sucks. ///

When the doctor came in, she first gave me the results of my tests.

My hormone levels all look fine.  Not high in testosterone, so that shouldn’t be the cause of my hair loss.

They don’t show any signs that I currently have any Hashimotos or Cushings markers.  Thank goodness on that one.

Then the doc asked about the questionnaire.  She asked if I had ever taken depression meds.  She suggested Wellbutrin and wrote me a prescription.  She then directed me to go across the parking lot to their “Behavioral Health” building.  She said if I want to speak to a psychiatrist then I would need to schedule an “intake” where a social worker would first do a screening on me.  After the screening, they would assess and get me scheduled with a Shrink!

My Thoughts on this.

I am very happy to have been prescribed depression medication.  They are just throwing one at me in hopes it sticks… but she didn’t prescribe the sort which can cause weight-gain and which can cause drowsiness, because I am already plagued with those.  So I got Wellbutrin.  I haven’t ever heard of it, but I don’t know much about depression meds so that doesn’t bother me.  I looked it up and there are some pretty crazy “common side effects” associated with the drug.  Hopefully nothing crazy… but I have a friend who can’t take depression meds because they cause her to have seizures.  And, this drug lists seizures as a possible side effect.  So we will see.

The doc mentioned my hairloss is most likely stress, if not hereditary.  She mentioned that depression can cause an abnormal amount of stress and is likely the cause of my hairloss.  So hopefully this is cured when I get happier.

I have a feeling that my getting happier will cause a domino affect.  The doc said my thyroid may be linked to my weight gain // and vise versa // the depression meds might help to break that cycle.  If i can get my weight under control, I might be able to fix my thyroid issues as well.

So, basically, if I get happy, then I can lose weight, which can cause my thyroid to get well, which will fix my endochrine system, which can fix my hairloss, which can make me happy, which can fix my need for depression meds.


Health is a tippy-toppy-wobbly balancing act.


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