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December 23, 2008 – Tuesday

Dorktastic Dictionary

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As it has recently been brought to my attention that I use words that many others don’t yet use, I am taking this opportunity to explain the words in my every day language that I find useful and often necessary to explain or describe certain aspects of life.


If you know me, you probably already know the definitions and have added these to your own every day vocabularies. These are the definitions that should be used if these words are ever added to the American Dictionaries.


For the ones who continue to ask me the meanings, below is the Dorktastic Dictionary. Hopefully this will clarify any concerns you may have about my expanded vocabulary.


Dorktastic Dictionary:



Adj. Really good with cool inflection. This is already a part of the English Language.



Adj. Awesome with added accentuation.



Noun. A really Awesomtastic state of mind.



Adj. Good



Adj. Good with cool inflection. If it is bad, that is cool. If it is Badical that is even more cool.



Adj. Good with cool inflection and a step up from Badical. (ie. More Badical)



Adj. Variation of Awesome. It is more than awesome, a step up from Awesomtastic. It is so awesome, it is crazy.



Noun. A person who is considered nerdy but with cool inflection. This is already a part of the English Language but the slang term has since been changed.



Noun. A person who is a big dork.



Noun. A person who is an extremely large dork.



Noun. A person who is a dork but with more nerdy inflection.



Noun. A dorky state of mind; a place where dorks meet and converse; a mythical land where dorks are as cool as their favorite RPG characters have potential for.



Adj. To express that something is dorky but also has an awesome quality. It is so dorky and awesome that it is Dorktastic.



Adj. Similar to Dorktastic, this also implies that something is dorky and also awesome, but this leaves you wanting more. If it is Dorkilicious, it implies a craving for more of the dorkiness that is originally offered.



Adv. An accentuation on any adjective with cool inflection. (ie. Friggin Radtacular. Etc.



Adj. Used when the accentuation of the adjective is so worthy that the adverb and adjective become one seamless word.



Adj. Similar to Frigginawesome, this is used when additional accentuation is needed to clarify just how uber something really is.



Adj. Used with the adj. Rad, with added cool inflection and a step up from Rad.



Adj. Rad with added cool inflection and a step up from Radical. (ie. More Radical)



Adj. When something is so bad that it sucks with added accentuation. If it sucks and it sucks bad, it is Sucktastic.



Adj. This is a step up from Sucktastic. It is so bad that it is Sucktastic but lingers on. It sucks now, and will continue to suck later. (The interview was Sucktastic, but the job I am interviewing for is Suckudocious.)



Adj. This is a variation on a step of for awesome. It is super awesome but is so much so that it is a single seamless word.



Noun. This is a Superawesome state of mind. Something that just is, and is Superawesome.



Adj. This word is used when something is more than itself. For instance, the collectors addition of a movie is the Uber version. If someone themselves is Uber, they are more than the average human. Uber replaces the term “more than” or “Extra” and can be tacked to the front of most adjectives to accentuate them even more.



Noun. A person who is considered nerdy but with cool inflection and added emphasis with uber; added accentuation when word is used seamlessly as one word.



Noun. This is an Uberdork with extra accentuation. This is the most extreme version of dork.



Noun. This is a place where dorks can come to meet and converse. Also an extreme dorky state of mind.



Noun. This is an accentuation on the word freak. A freak ie. An abnormal person of extreme quality; anything out of the normal quality of human.



Noun. This is an Uberfreak with extra accentuation. This is the most extreme version of freak.



Adj. This is a version of the word uber. This word leaves you wanting more, it is uber and continues to be uber, always updating and changing to always be the better version of itself.


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