Dream: Haunted House

Last night I woke up at around 3am unable to move for fear of being noticed by whatever lurked in the shadows of my bedroom. I had just awoken from an unusual breed of nightmare, one that usually tries, but fails, to actually frighten me. 

Cris and I had moved into a new home. I gather we got it at a discount due to it being haunted, as we knew about the haunted history and were not at all worried since we don’t believe in ghosts. After falling to sleep, in the dream, I was awoken suddenly by a baby whaling. The cries shrilled and resonated into my very bones. We decided to move upstairs and try again to sleep. Again I was awoken, this time by a shrill screaming, angry, woman, coming from the portrait which hung on the wall near the window. I tried desperately to focus my attention away from the portrait, only to give attention to the faces and wide, staring eyes peering in at us through the second story windows. 

It was those grey-white eyes that woke me up from my dream. When I couldn’t get out of the stupor that my dream had steared me into, I began noticing that Cris was having a similar uneasy sort of tossing & turning. When he awoke, it turned out he’d also had a nightmare, his about Bronson not being able to breathe. 

Bad night…  Hopefully Bronson skips the nightmare house trend. 


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