Enderle line traced back to the 1500s!!??

I have a Grandpa Hanz AND a Grandpa Franz! Ha!  If I have twins, I could totally name them Hanz & Franz and it not be weird!  Below you will find my amazing discovery.  I still have to verify a TON of connections before this can be considered totally accurate, but for now it is a super exciting discovery!  I may have just traced my lineage to the 1500s!!

“How you are related to Heuß Schön”

Heuß Schön (- )
is your 10th great grandfather
Barbara Schön (1605 – 1696)
daughter of Heuß Schön
Mathes Enderle (1650 – 1713)
son of Barbara Schön
Joseph Enderle (1685 – 1724)
son of Mathes Enderle
Benedikt Enderle (1716 – 1776)
son of Joseph Enderle
Johann Georg Enderle (1768 – 1855)
son of Benedikt Enderle
Franz Anton Enderle 2nd (1805 – 1865)
son of Johann Georg Enderle
Narziß Enderle (1845 – 1891)
son of Franz Anton Enderle 2nd
Paulina Enderle (1882 – 1957)
daughter of Narziß Enderle
Narziß ‘Norris’ ‘Norman’ Ed Enderle (1904 – 1984)
son of Paulina Enderle
Norman Eedward Enderle (1928 – )
son of Narziß ‘Norris’ ‘Norman’ Ed Enderle
Catherine Faye Enderle (1964 – )
daughter of Norman Eedward Enderle
Taja Marie Beiber
You are the daughter of Catherine Faye Enderle



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