Escrow Journal 8/8/09 – 10/15/09

Escrow is over, we are homeowners!!

Posted by Tajanator on October 15, 2009 at 10:02 AM


I got a call this morning from our Loan Officer at around 11am.  She called to tell me that we are homeowners!!  Finally, the madness ends!!

4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, it is our little dream come true!!

I am so excited to move.  We got the keys about an hour later from our real estate agent who brought them to my office.  I am sure we will begin moving tonight.  I love it!!!



We are moving through escrow
Posted by Tajanator on September 10, 2009 at 10:27 PM Comments comments (0)

Every day something happens in escrow. Whether it is paperwork given to us to sign, us giving signed paperwork to the loan officer or buyer agent, or just little updates on where current paperwork is and where it is going.

We are only about one week into escrow… but no snags yet. We are scheduled to end escrow by 10/7/09.

Hopefully this process will continue to move along smoothly with no bumps… and maybe by this time next month, Cris and I will be homeowners!

We will have a 4bed, 2bath home near our families (goodbye south side, hello Oildale!). We will be able to get dogs, paint, and even have babies!! I feel so grown up!


Update 9/2/09

The seller agent is writing up the contract and promised he would have it by today – which will officially OPEN ESCROW!!


Update 8/26/09

We got an accepted bid!!!!  The house on Sherman Peak that we lost, we were sencond in line and the other bidder fell through!!  We will be in a new home by christmas!!! I am so happy!!!  See video walkthrough below:


Update 8/18/09

We lost another bid.  I wish I had a real update.. but there is not realy anything to update on.  We still have no house, no kids, same jobs… the only difference is that the frustration level is raised a little cause we want something that we can’t seem to materialize.  Hopefully this will not last and we will be in a house soon, but it has been many moons and Taja say “no hut to have if man no to sell” lol.

Update 8/8/09

We didn’t get either of the last 2 bids.

But, we did bid on another house on Sherman peak (as of 8/4/09) and are still waiting to hear the outcome of that bid.  We uploaded the video walkthrough which you can view on our videos page (below).


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