Explosion / Pregnancy Flu

I woke up this morning feeling so much more stretched than I have been, to date. My body felt too big for my skin and I felt like my lungs, tummy, -everything- felt like it was trying to bust out of me. I felt like I couldn’t take a full breath. My esophagus felt very tight and full. My nose was stuffed, I couldn’t go to the bathroom… I felt stopped up from every angle. My back hurt like my bones were gonna break to make room for the rest of me; I basically felt as though I was getting ready to explode.

The already intense feeling was made worse when my heartburn suddenly went from a two to a ten. I began to feel panicky because it was making breathing feel much too difficult. I splashed water on my face and tried to blow my nose, that helped for a moment. Then I tried to walk into the living room.

My back seized up in pain and after a few steps, I dropped to the floor. I was already feeling panicky, so adding that to my now total frustration was a recipe for tears. I began to cry in frustration which only made me more frustrated because it made breathing even harder. This is when my body had had enough. I told Cris that I felt like I was going to puke and he grabbed a pan. My body seized again and began to expel the demons…I vomited for the first time in my pregnancy.

Although I still felt very uncomfortable and strained, and although the act of throwing up totally made my back and ligaments ache horribly, I suddenly felt much less full and it became easier to breath. That didn’t last long.

Next came the bubbles. My tummy, now higher than it seemed it should be, began to rumble. Eventually it became clear that I would need to stay close to the bathroom. My insides had liquefied and all was expelled.

After a few bathroom trips, I vomited again…thoroughly. Now…My throat burns. I’m thirsty. My back hurts. My insides are crawling. I have the chills, complete with goosebumps. My nose is stuffed.  Im achy. All I want to do is go back to sleep. But every time I lay down, my heartburn creeps back up making me feel nauseated.

This is a bad morning. Pregnancy is horrible. I still feel like I need to remain close to the bathroom, and I feel the need to keep a pan close by in case I throw up again, which feels likely. It is extremely odd to me that I could go through morning sickness without vomiting and then suddenly today, at 24 weeks, it happens. Not sure what is going on today, but it’s pretty lame.

Now, to top it off, I tried taking a shower to get rid of my chills only to find out that I must have a fever because the super hot steamy water wasn’t warming me up. Thermometer conformed 99.1 degrees.

Update 3/19/14:

The diagnoses was: FLU.  Which, apparently, during pregnancy is a crazy ton more symptoms than I remember from past flu symptoms from my life.

My temperature went up to no more than 100.3 and lasted for two days.  Tylenol kept bringing it back down, luckily.  I had an OB appointment 3/18th and the doctor told me to drink/ eat sugary foods since I was getting dizzy from lack of nourishment.  That helped a lot.  Then by the 19th, it was gone.  I really hope I don’t have to go through another sickness before the baby comes!  This lack of full immune system SUCKS!


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