Fit For Life BootCamp =FAIL

Fit For Life BootCamp

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Fit For Life Boot Camp Bakersfield

Ok.  So, my step-mom Norma sent me an email one day…  It as for a discount on a 6-week boot camp for $59.00.  The deal was for 4-days per week for 6-weeks total.  This appealed to me because I desperately needed to lose weight and hadn’t been able to do it myself over the few years I had been trying.


Of course, the words “boot camp” scared me a little, but I figured that any intensive 6-week long workout for $59.00 is way worth it over spending $200 only to drop out later…  So I bought the package.


Follow me on my journey…


Day One:  Monday 3/7/11, 6pm


One the first day, we did a 5-station circuit lasting 30 seconds each, and rounded 5-times.

Jumping Jacks & Rock Climbers began our workout.

Station 1 used Kettlebell near chin while doing squats.

Station 2 were holding a pushup position -up-. (planks)

Station 3 we used 2 arms’ weights 90% angle arms, fists down, then weights & fists up then down & rest.

Station 4 Jump Rope

Station 5 had a resistance band around feet, and hands pull the band upward


Day Two I was really sore… Tuesday (next day)

This time we also did the 5-station, 5-round routine but with different workouts including:

half-burpies (hands & feet on ground, jump from plank, to frog, then up.  then back down to plank to frog then up, etc.).

We also mixed up our jumping jacks with arms out to a clap instead of up… and with our legs in half-walks or runs to change up the muscles used.


Day Three: PAIN!!!!

We don’t work out on Wednesdays.  Luckily.  This day included a lot of not-being-able-to-stand-up-out-of-a-chair, etc.


Day Four:

Much less pain.  And another full circuit of exercises.  I would call Wednesday Hump Day in the circuit.  In the 1st week, if you can get past Wednesday, then you will get through the whole 6-weeks.


Week Two: 

By this week, the initial shock to my muscles was gone and all I had left to do was continue to push myself.  By the time Wednesday came in week 2, I felt like I should be working out anyway- even though this is typically a ‘rest day’.


Week five:

No results. Yea, NONE!!!!!!!!

Week six:

I quit on Monday, I didn’t even go.  Heartbroken, yet again. 


What I did get out of this experience…

Useful Workout Tools (Without Gym Machines)

  • KettleBell
  • Resistance Bands
  • Free Weights
  • Medicine Ball
  • Exercise Ball w/Ball base
  • Jump Rope
  • Workout Bar w/Wall Mount
  • Ab Roller
  • Yoga Pad
  • Knee pad
  • Mini-Stepper Blocks
  • Mini-Trampoline
  • Thigh Toner



Workout Names & Descriptions / Instructions:

  • Planks:
    Holding yourself up on your hands & toes in the position of a pushup in the up-position.
  • Half-Planks:
    Holding yourself up on your forearms and toes similar to pushup in the up position.
  • Half-burpies:
    Begin at a standing position.  Drop to your hands in a frog-leap position.  Jump your legs back to a pushup position, then jump back forward into a frog position and again, stand up.  Repeat.
  • Rock Climbers:
    Begin in an up pushup position, bring right foot under in a sprint-take-off position.  Jump / switch your feet to left forward & right back, jump again switching feet again- hands remain on the ground during this workout.
  • Speed Skaters:
    Begin on right leg, jump sideways onto left leg bringing right behind you, then jump sideways to right bringing left leg behind and repeat.
  • Squats:
    Arms out- fists up toward chin while squatting into a sit position legs 90% from floor, and back up bringing arms back to steady yourself.
  • Speed Squats:
    Same as squats but without any holding, up down quickly to workout different muscles.
  • Pelvic Thrusts:
    Lay down with knees up & feet shoulder length apart & hands down flat on either side.  Lift buttocks upward and down. Repeat.
  • Pelvic March:
    Lay down with knees up & feet shoulder length apart & hands down flat on either side.  Lift pelvis up until legs & stomach create a balanced line.  March feet one-at-a-time while remaining in the pelvis-up position.
  • Jumping Jacks (with variations)
    Jump, arms up & legs apart, and back with arms down & legs together.
    Jump with arms in front in clap position, with legs in a front-together-back-together.

Workout Names & Descriptions (With accessories)

  • Suitcase Dead Lift:
    Using Kettlebells, begin on one side, squat down bringing your right hand down onto the kettle-bell for a dead lift off of the floor (stay straight up, no tilting) and set back onto floor in a second squat.  Change sides, repeat.
  • Rowing:
    Using a resistance band, sit tall with legs stretched out straight in front of you. Place the band under your feet and pull back toward your waist- hold for 2 secs. Repeat.
  • Arm Curls:
    Using the resistance band, place one end under your feet and curl arms upward.  For more resistance, place legs further apart.  Repeat.
  • Ice Skaters:
    Using a resistance band, place band under feet.  Twist once and hold upward to waist on the other end.  Slide one foot sideways in a step motion staying tall without swaying with head & body.  Then other foot.  Repeat.



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