Forgotten birthmarks…

This is odd, and I am fully aware how odd. But until just now, today, I forgot that I had two very visible birthmarks as a child.  My very white skin made them very easy to see.  One on my left thumb, like an almost round spot. And the other to the right of my right eye, a horizontal oval just above my eyebrow’s end.
I barely notice the one on my thumb and for years only caught a glimpse now and then, but today I saw it… and realized that I hadn’t noticed it in years.  It was only then, in that moment, that I realized I had forgotten completely the one on my face!  My face being something so vividly inspected daily during my morning routine, I was immediately shocked and grabbed a mirror assuming that it had lost all pigment for it to go unnoticed for so very long.  As I grabbed the mirror and look, inspected the spot where it had been, it took me a moment to see anything at all.  I had to look at both eyes as if to wonder if I was even looking in the correct place.  And there it is.  As plain as any freckle on my face, in the same spot as always.  My freckles are darker now, and my skin much less clear which is of course the reason it goes so easily unnoticed.  But how odd to have forgotten about something so specific to myself… It is an odd feeling to realize that you don’t know yourself as well as you used to, or that your age has actually made you forget something so clearly present as the nose on your face.
I wonder what else lies dormant in my mind yet to rediscover…


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