Frazzled… When will things calm the eff down!?

Now that Cris is officially working, we had to tell Medi-Cal and Keep Your Home CA the good news.  They, of course, both dropped us from the programs as expected.  Immediately, I was allowed to roll over on to a real insurance plan through Covered California.  Now we have Blue Shield.  We are still on government health care which isn’t my favorite but we can’t afford private insurance yet so we have no other option.  With the mortgage payment now again our responsibility, our monthly allowance just got dropped by a lot so groceries and stuff will have to be closely monitored for a while until we get a better spending routine back.  The insurance switched over as of Oct 1 2016.

Last night, we had to use the insurance for the first time as Bronson suddenly got a crazy high fever of 104.  Susan said he had been shaking oddly here and there and wondered if he was going in to fever seizure… so we flew directly to the ER.  They did xrays on his chest to clear his heart and lungs so we know its not pneumonia.  They also ruled out ear infection.  They said he may just have a virus and to keep his temp down alternating between  Tylenol and Motrin.

Work has been crazy due to the computers being nutzo… first the monitor went out, then Quickbooks wouldn’t open… its been a nightmare.

The other thing is that I had got on Wellburtin with my doctor… so I will have to book an appt with a new doc on my new insurance ASAP to keep monitoring the depression meds.  I will also need to speak with them about getting in to a psychiatrist which I was already in the process of doing on Medi-Cal, but which I have to began over again due to insurance changing.  I feel like every time I gain ground, I slip on loose gravel.

The wellbutrin hasn’t kicked in yet in my opinion.  Its been two weeks.

I feel like I am losing my mind some days.  I hope this gets better soon.  I am extremely tired of all of it…


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