Friend Types (0_o)

Posted by Tajanator on January 22, 2008 at 4:54 PM


I always thought that there were 2 kinds of friends.

  1. The friends that you will have for fun, but you really don’t care about them, the party-friends that don’t last.
  2. The friends that you will have for life, and love as part of your family.

I now realize that there is a 3rd kind of friend.

The friends that you put into category 2, but they have already put you into category 1. By the time you realize they are not the 2nd kind, they have stomped all over you.

This 3rd kind is really dangerous. You open up to them and share yourself because you think they will always be there… but now that they know you well, they have ammo against you.

The worst thing now is that these people can make stuff up about you that is not true, but people believe them cause of how well they knew you… why would they lie?



The best thing to do when this happens is to break all ties and decide you will not forgive and forget, but just simply forget. You will not think of them again, they are no longer your 2 friend so they no longer matter.

There is something very freeing about this new feeling.


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