Gallbladder Surgery 9/1/17

Surgery 9/1/17

So today went well. Got to the surgery center at 9am. Got called back pretty quick but then waited in pre-op until around 11:30am.

When I woke up I was disoriented. I don’t remember then putting me to sleep. That’s the best part about anestesia. It’s like time traveling.

I was in pain but not crazy at first since I was still doped up. My abdomen felt super weird. I had a bite on my lip… And briusing on my arm. And 4 bandages on my belly.

They sent me home with a prescription for percocet to take every 4hrs. That helped the pain but not the gas pain. The air they pump into you for surgery hurt the most. It made my back, ribs, & shoulders ache hard. Made getting comfortable impossible. Sitting and laying down are awkward. Laying flat wasn’t allowed but couldn’t have done it even if I wanted to..

Update: Day 2

My days & nights ran together first couple days. Sitting up and bending hurt. My stomach muscles were unusable. I couldn’t turn it twist either. You’re supposed to walk around and move around as often as possible… So I got up and walked around several times a day. I couldn’t stand up straight though. I had an elderly hunch to my gait.

Day 3. Monday 9/4

Today i removed my bandages. They said you can do this after a couple days & shower. So I removed them. And after the first one, after seeing it, I immediately got dizzy & nauseous. Woozy. Didn’t like that at all. I removed the other 3 with increasing uneasiness. Showing was very difficult. It was a lessen in self composure trying to get through it without collapsing. I kept seeing stars & darkness surrounded my vision… I didn’t know I could be so affected by the sight of the incisions. But I’m definitely not interested in looking at them whatsoever.

Will update after a few more days… 


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