Geeky Girl BFF Project

I’m getting tired of not having anyone to talk to. My best guy-friends like the same geeky stuff as I do but end up getting inappropriate considering my married status… and my best chick-friends tend to stay more social friends and don’t often cross that barrier where we hang out outside of parties or barbecues and stuff. I feel like its unfair that I can’t find a way around this trend.

I actually considered putting a personal ad on Craigslist:

“Looking for BFF, nothing weird, platonic only please. Must like geeking out over movies, TV, video games, whatever.. must be willing to hang out with a toddler. I’m not interested in partying. Must be willing to call and stop by without prompting or we’ll never see each-other. NO DRAMA or I’ll just stop talking to you; i won’t engage in that. Also you have to be OK with me speaking my mind or we wont get along -i walk on eggshells for no one”

You can see why I decided against that, right?

I do have friends… I am not a crazy person or anything and it would be weird to have no friends at all… but my best friend and I are just way too alike.  I am an introvert who just doesn’t think to call people. I hate phone chatting, and prefer to text only when I have something to say. I am not big on social media, as a rule, and am not a partier.  My friends are the same way but trying to get us together is difficult when you are both home-bodies for obvious reasons.

My best hangout buds have been dudes.  That also never ends up well….again obvious.  I am married and now that I have learned my lesson the hard way (only women can have platonic friends) trying to have a guy friend, now, just uncouth.

My best hangout buds, beside having been dudes, all have other shit in common though:

  • They were all into geeky shit in some form or another.
  • They were all cool with dropping by whenever they were bored.
  • They didn’t need to talk or gossip all of the time; sometimes they literally just popped by to finish season 2 of whatever show I got them in to, or wanted to chat about the philosophies of star trek, or whatever.
  • They liked getting really close to me as a one-on-one friend and were lonesome enough that we could be besties together without competing with other friends on either side. (this is not a requisite, just an observation)
  • They didn’t want to drag me to the bar or to parties, or get drunk everytime we hung out.

It tough to find chicks who fit the criteria above.  Therefore, I am sure it will be friggin’ HARD to find chicks to hang out with me.

So.  I have decided to take action.  I cannot be the only chick in this position.  What I like to refer to as “Google’s Law” states that we are not unique as a people.  Type the strangest question or thought that you could imagine, and watch google predict the rest of your sentence.  Someone else out there thinks like you do.  Therefore, another girl is having the same dilemma as I am.

The action plan:

I am going to try to find a place to find my BFF.  I will look on social media, and on blogs, and the like.  I will try to be more social.  I will go to conventions. I will put myself out there.  There has to be an answer to this issue.

Follow my progress. I will post updates within the category of Geeky Girl Project.


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