Getting Ready for Evie

We’ve finally come up with an action plan for the new baby’s stuff & for the house, last minute as always.

Lots to do… I’m glad we waited until I can barely move to figure things out. I really don’t see how this will get done before she gets here. 😠

Things to do to get the house in order & before baby comes:

Sewing-room / Evie’s Nursery:

  • Move the spare bed out of the sewing-room, to curb. Call for pickup.
  • Move Bronson’s dresser into the sewing-room for Evie’s clothes.
  • Clean all new baby stuff in dye-free detergent before putting away.
  • Move Bronson’s glider into the sewing-room.
  • Move game-room closet stuff to master closet.
  • Move sewing-room closet stuff to game-room closet.
  • Use sewing-room closet for Evie’s clothes, &  stuff.
  • Buy new crib mattress & set up crib in sewing room.

Other Evie stuff:

  • Clean & reorganize master bedroom.
  • Get bassinet out of garage. Clean. Set up next to master bed.
  • Buy new AC vent cover. Instal in master-bedroom, to turn air away from bassinet.
  • Get stored baby stuff out of garage cabinet. Clean.
  • Clean out playpen. Reattach attachments for newborn.
  • Swap the Recliner & the lovseat in the living room.
  • Set up baby swing next to recliner.
  • Reorganize bottle /sippy caddy in kitchen to make room. 
  • Buy under-cabinet drawers for hall-bathroom. 
  • Move Cris’s bathroom stuff to master-bath
  • Organize Bronson’s & Evie’s bathroom stuff in hall-bathroom. 

For me, the Mama:

  • Clean carseat. Attach carseat base to backseat. 
  • Pack hospital bag w/paperwork, & 
  • Pack baby’s diaper bag for hospital. 

Things to do for Bronson’s-room:

  • Get closet organizer for Bronson’s sheets, etc., to replace his dresser.
  • Move gaming ottoman chairs into Bronson’s room to replace his glider.
  • Move all toys from living room into his room. (may need additional toy storage).
  • Buy sand. Move sandbox outside.
  • Re-organize game-room. Move desk & paperwork from dining room to game-room desk.

Shopping List (tier-1):

  • New Crib Mattress. 
  • New AC Vent Cover for master-bedroom. 
  • Closet organizer for Bronson. 
  • New Baby Bottles (5oz & 10oz)
  • New carseat newborn attachment
  • Small hangers. (lots!)
  • Under-cabinet drawers for bathroom
  • (still thinking…) 

Shopping List (tier 2):

  • Wubbanubs
  • Memory book
  • Sand for outdoor sandbox
  • Newborn girls’ headbands
  • Delivery gown
  • (still thinking…) 


There is still a lot to do, obviously. There is no way we’ll be ready in time. 

CRAP!!!! 😠


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