Happy 3 Months to my Bubby!!!

Bronson is now THREE MONTHS OLD!

We have hit a couple milestones since last month’s update.  Bubby is now cooing like CRAZY!!  He also scoots himself down in his boppy pillow by picking up his butt. I am constantly having to readjust him.  He loves doing crunches and now lunges for the bottle when he is hungry.  We have been doing lifting exercises with his hands to work out his arms, lifting from laying to sitting.  He demands to be set upright most of the time now. He grunts in frustration if you lay him down.  He has stopped crying when he wants something. If he is really tired or frustrated, he will sometimes still cry, but mostly he just makes noises at you until you respond.  Grunting is his way of asking for something. Cooing is his way of demanding attention.  They are both the cutest noise ever.

Smiling has become a constant thing now.  He even smiles when you smile at him!  He totally recognizes Daddy & I now, in comparison to people he sees less often.  He even cried when several family members surrounded him at once and had to be calmed down – instantly having been over stimulated and freaked by the sudden onslaught of company.

He can now lift his head during tummy time, though still isn’t on his elbows.

He has slept for 6 to even 9 hours some nights but still has the occasional 3 to 4 hour naps during more restless nights.

He got really bad nipple confusion -its totally a real thing- and we had to switch him to an easier bottle.  He only breastfeeds now when he is extremely calm. If he is too hungry, he gets confused and will only take the NUK bottle.  So that will probably end soon…… I am holding on for as long as I can, though, for the nighttime feedings.  Breastfeeding is way easier than getting up and making a bottle.

EditHe still despises car rides and screams and cries during the whole trip. I have been trying to take him out more but its pretty rough until we get where we’re going.  He really loves the baby carrier over the stroller, now, during store trips.  It was a little awkward at first but is totally easier to keep him calm when I am basically holding him to my chest the whole time.  Much preferred.

He now really LOVES his diaper time.  Even when he is particularly fussy, diaper time is a treat and can un-fuss him and make him all smiles again.  I can’t decide if he just hates being wet and therefore gets fussy sometimes, of if he likes is so much that when he is fussy for any reason it cheers him up….

He has focused on the TV a few times lately which is sorta funny.  He first began watching TV with us during an episode of Sons of Anarchy.  Like father like son ☺!  We showed him Mickey Mouse cartoons via my cellphone and he even talked back to it and entertained himself for like 30 mins!  We had him in the highchair (another first) and he liked it until his head got tired and he began to fuss so we took him out to give him a rest.

His new favorite thing is to use his hands to grab anything and everything he can, and then try to get it into his mouth.  Because of this, we got him a couple Wubbanub pacifiers so he can grab them better. He loves them! He tries to help with his bottle, even -though this can be frustrating sometimes when he just knocks it away from his face over and over, in attempt to get it to his lips…which totally frustrates him and us in the process.  Holding down his arms is sometimes the only way he can eat. poor guy.

He also slobbers a bunch now and we even thought he was already teething.  Though we don’t see teeth yet, he is showing all the signs of teething but not with daily pain.  He has had a few bad days where teething pain killers have helped…but not too crazy yet.


New Stats:

Weight: About 13 pounds
Height: About 24 1/2 InchesHead Circ. About 16 Inches
Diapers: Size 2
Onsies: 0-3 mo. are beginning to get pretty tight. He is in between sizes now. He fits 3-6 mo. though loosely.
Footies: He is too tall for most 3-6 so is in between 3-6 mo. & 6-9 mo!
Favorite lullaby:  Adelweiss (this is the only one that calms him down when I sing it to him)
Favorite toy: Wubbanub pacifier toy.  He loves putting stuff to his mouth so what better than a toy that is meant for your mouth?


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