Happy 8 Weeks to baby!

Bronson is 8 weeks old today! We have been getting smiles lately, as social response, and more often. I got him to smile today on camera! It wasn’t full cheek grinning but it was full smirks. 😉

Lately has been sleeping with us, nightly, in the bedroom, on our bed, in the newborn co-sleeper/pho-crib. He’s been sleeping much heavier at night awaking only once, usually around 4am, to eat. He then wakes up around 7am or 8am for the day. He still naps during the day but not for as long or as often as before.

He’s been much more talkative lately “cooing” at us when he’s awake. He now fake cries, too, when he wants something but isn’t genuinely upset about it yet… Lol.

He kicks his legs constantly.. And when playing on his tummy his legs kick him forward slighly in a sortof accidental army crawl.

He started teething, we think, because of his sudden drooling habit – which is totally new- and the fact that he wants everything in his mouth, and can get fussy for no reason when the drooling is at its worst… Its early for that but the symptoms are there.

Best yet, hes changing so much!
Last weight: 10 lbs, 1 oz.
Last height: 21 inches
Onsie size: 0-3
Diaper size: 1
Longest sleep: 5.5 hrs


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