Health Update.. Thyroid, Hairloss, Cholesterol

I feel like I am very slowly gaining ground on my health crap.  Just a little, but still not bad. I had some interesting news at the doctor’s office today.  I have some stuff to think about – need to figure out how to fix my diet with all the stuff she mentioned today.


In December 2014, when I first discovered I had some major post-partum health issues, the doctor scolded me about my cholesterol.  I don’t remember what they said my cholesterol levels were then… (I am trying to find documentation on that and will update if I find it) but today the doctor gave me my new level which is 133.  She said I am in the warning zone and need to adjust my diet appropriately.


I also asked about the hair-loss I have been experiencing in the front of my head, bangs and temple area.

She suggested that my diet might have contributed since I am currently on a diet… that maybe I have been cutting too much dairy and protein from my food intake.  She said don’t do that…. protein and dairy are necessary for a balanced diet and really help prevent diet-caused-hair-loss (if that is the cause).cant-believe-my-hair-is-falling-out.png.png

She is also testing my testosterone levels since high testosterone levels can assist in hair-loss if its genetic (since my dad is bald).  Honestly, though, I don’t think it is that.  They say that when you have high testosterone levels you are more randy than normal *wink* *wink*… and I wouldn’t put myself in that particular category right now… so I am not hopeful there.

She also said to keep using the Rogaine.  She said if its anything we aren’t testing for, that the Rogaine should help.  It is the only known medicine proven to work for ladies hair-loss.

She suggested also, that I look in to taking Biotin.  I had heard of this vitamin before (its considered a beauty boosting vitamin on the market) but with the weight of a doctor suggestion behind it, I am looking in to it now.


She said that my thyroid levels look great and doesn’t think that anything needs to be adjusted there.  Apparently 75mcg is my perfect levothyroxine dose.  She also said that it is probably not related to the hair-loss thing since my levels look good.

Cushings Disease / Hashimotos Thyroiditis

When I asked about the results of these tests, the doctor said she didn’t think these were tested on my panel… (I had asked last time if I should be tested now, as a preventative measure, since my mom has both and they could be genetic).  She said she isn’t sure how to test for Cushings Disease this early but that I don’t appear to outwardly have the signs of Cushings Syndrome so I may not have to worry about that just yet (or maybe ever).  She also said that she would do a panel  for Hashimotos Thyroiditis this time since I thought that was on the blood panel for the last labs… Since I have sudden thyroid issues, I’d really like results from the test for Hashimotos… I’m just trying to find out now if I need to worry about that, ever, as well.


My weight was 181.5 lbs today on the doctor’s scale.  On home scale this morning it was 174 lbs, so I am still losing weight either way.  My last doctor-scale weigh in was 185.8 lbs on 7/11/16.  It might not be a crazy amount, but I have lost a solid 4 pounds in one month regardless of what my weight is or which scale I’ve used.  This is a small victory.


This is the first time I was ever screened for diabetes.  I am absolutely in the clear.  No signs of diabetes or anywhere near it.  Considering that my family has had issues here and there, I was really glad to find this out – and especially since I have gained so much weight since Bronson was born.  Very glad about this one!!


The doctor mentioned that another way to help my cholesterol is to exercise more.  Losing weight might also fix some of my other issues.  This is the one that I have been building to a lot over the last couple months.Friend Me / Tajanator's Fitbit Profile

I got a fitbit to help me to get motivated and to see my daily steps and try to get that number up.  I also like that each time I see my watch on my wrist, I am reminded to get up and not just continue to be sedentary.  It has fitstar workouts on it, and reminders to get up once an hour. That is super helpful to me regarding get-moving motivation.  Also, the fact that I can team up with friends and compare notes, or compete in challenges makes it fun! Even if I am way in last place right now.  I am ACTUALLY trying which is a HUGE step for me.


The doctor mentioned my diet a few times..

  • My lack of protein could be the cause of my hair loss.  My change in diet over the last month is an interesting indication that it is connected to my hair loss since they both began at roughly the same time…  Anyway she suggests lots of eggs, milk, and high protein shakes as a supplement.
  • My cholesterol is not that great and needs changing, which of course is diet related.  I don’t eat much fats but I know red meat is not good for cholesterol.  So I may need to cut red meats all together even though I really don’t want to.

Since she suggested that the diet / exercise plan will greatly improve my cholesterol, and since I have been fairly motivated in the health area over the last few months, I am sure I can make another small adjustment to fix this as well…. though I am irritated about having to constantly tinker with my diet since there is no premade-diet-fix for me.  Lately I’ve been just watching my calories.. I have been using my fitbit and myfitnesspal account logs to keep track of my calories intake since I can’t think what else to do diet-wise.

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