Hubby found a job! (Update: nevermind)

I’m sighing in relief tonight. Cris has an amazing interview today and is due back tomorrow morning to make it official. Yay, Cris!!! ❤ We won’t know until he works out the details with them if he’ll have enough money to cover us or if I will have to find a job & daycare… fingers crossed that I’ll get to remain the sole caregiver to my son… But if not, I’m lucky as Hell to get his first year free of employment obligation. Not many moms get to say that.  😀

UPDATE 6/30/15:
I guess I got excited a little early.. Cris still hasn’t heard back from them yet.. Hopefully they are still going to hire him and soon… We have almost exhausted all of our funds.

UPDATE: 7/7/15:
Nothing yet. I’m guessing they changed their mind or something? Super sucks!


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