I don’t recommend getting pregnant if you care about your health. 

I love my son. And I’ll love my daughter. They have changed me eternally inside and out.

And they’ve changed my health in ways I couldn’t have possibly imagined.

Here are the list of things that have happened to me, medically, as a direct result of pregnancy:

2011 pregnancy:

  • My Eyesight. I got double vision & now require thick lensed glasses to see. Previously didn’t require any prescription. 
  • Depression. Caused by the miscarriage’s postpartum hormones. 

2014 Pregnancy 

  • My weight. Thyroid went “hypo” and I gained 45 lbs before knowing what was wrong. By the time they regulated my thyroid, the damage had been done to my metabolism. 
  • My Social Life. Anxiety + depression. I already had depression. But with the added anxiety I no longer wanted to do anything, any time, with anyone. I was now fat, with a young son, and depressed, and scared of everything. I was already introverted… But this made me almost hermit-like. 
  • My sex life. Feeling ugly & awkward all of the time really messes up how sexy you feel, regardless of how much your husband tries to reassure you… 
  • My hiney… hemorrhoids. This happened postpartum after my son was born. It’s never been the same… 

2017 Pregnancy (current) 

  • Gallbladder. I got Gallstones due to increased cholesterol in my body caused by the increase of estrogen that comes with pregnancy. I had to severely alter my diet to disclude all fats to avoid another attack. My gallbladder will need removed immediately after postpartum healing. 
  • Energy. Having a toddler, and being pregnant takes its toll on my sanity & especially my energy. It’s already severely lacking as it is. And my son makes it even more so. 

Hopefully this list won’t grow any longer. My current pregnancy has an end date next week. This is my last pregnancy. Once Evie is born, I’m hoping to get healthy again for my kids and myself. I don’t want them to be forced to have a sad sack, layabout, always something wrong, mommy… I want to take them places and have adventures and be active. 

Afterall. This is my body now. This is my new normal. My body chemistry will never be as it was before. My feelings and insecurities might dampen but they’ll never be returned to their former self. 

This is my life now.


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