I need a life reset button.

Wil Wheaton is a personal hero of mine.  He is in Star Trek, yes, but that is not the only reason.  He has a blog if you want to familiarize yourself… anyway he recently posted to his blog that he is rebooting his life.  I really like that idea… I wish I had the follow-through.  You can read about it here: Wil Wheaton: Seven Things I Did to Reboot My Life.

Specifically, his declaration was this:

  • Drink less beer.
  • Read more (and Reddit does not count as reading).
  • Write more.
  • Watch more movies.
  • Get better sleep.
  • Eat better food.
  • Exercise more.

Of course, mine would look a little differently.  When I really pressed myself, I realized what my verson of the Wil Wheaton reboot would look like:

  • Never get drunk
  • Read more
  • Blog more
  • Follow through in watching TV shows
  • Get on a schedule
  • Eat better food (and less food)
  • Be more active.

Never Get Drunk

I drink once in a while, but no where near what I used to in my twenties.  Now I mostly just have a glass of wine now and then.  Unfortunately with much less drinking comes much less tolerance which means getting drunk is easier and in my 30s – is much less fun.  So being very aware of how much I drink when I am drinking is important.  Pretty much my limit is 2 glasses of wine… or a-beer.

Read More

I am in a book club.  I have been since 2013.  Despite this, last year I read a whopping 4 books all the way through.  Pathetic.  If I used my spare time better I am sure I could find that I have more than enough time to devote to reading… even with a toddler.  At the moment, I can’t see how that is true even while writing it but it has to be.  Reading sounds like a more productive way to spend my time.

Blog More

This is one of my only creative outlets.  Also its a form of therapy, I think.  It keeps me accountable to my many readers (lol I have like 1 every 2 months but still).  It really makes me think about my life from an analytical perspective which makes me wanna fix things more… namely, myself.

Follow through in watching TV shows

This one is not important except that I have no follow through in anything I do.  Seems like following through to the final season of each show I get in to might be a good place to begin… similar to the reading more books thing but same principal.

Get on a Schedule

I don’t go to bed at a certain time, nor do I wake up by an alarm.  It takes hours to get dressed after I eat breakfast.  The entire day goes by before my energy pops in to play.  I need direction.  I want to get out of this funk that is currently catch-22ing my life away.  This felt like an easy point to begin with.

Eat Better Food (and less food)

This one is hard.  Everyone knows its hard. Its on most New Year’s Resolutions and then falls off again within months.  But I have shitty metabolism and shitty cholesterol and I am in my mid-thirties with a kid so I really should try to care more.  Also, many of my personal hates are to do with my weight, my energy, my feeling old, my feeling tired, etc. so it seems like this is an important one.

Be more active

Not meaning exercise, though, yes I should include that… but I want to get out more.  I want to take walks, go to places, be at not-my-house all of the time.  I feel like a hermit.  Hermits are boring.  I feel bad for my son with a hermit mom.  Being more active doesn’t mean party more- not interested in that.  Just being more social seems like a good place to start… I want to go to school also so maybe that is a choice?

Where to begin??

This is a biggy.  It seems pretty impossible.  I truely have zero idea of how or where to begin with any of this.  I know the obvious is “just do it” but no, that won’t happen.  Anyway I hope to still be interested in this stuff in a month or so…. if so I will post an update.

Taja’s Life Reboot….. Slow Start.


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