I still hate you, Facebook 

I also hate (and am damn tired of): Arguing, Hate speech, Politics, Wars, Liars, Crazy people, Killings, Rights wars, Etc….  All of which are a rampant part of Facebook.

It’s no wonder my only enjoyment comes from fantasy fiction. I get away from it by playing videogames, reading novels, watching TV, and also occasionally enjoying research in astronomy, physics, and science.

All things that effectively remove me from current events.

So I log out of facebook, again, for the zillionth time. screenshot_2016-07-12-22-22-14.pngTo what end? To get a breather. I have very little friends and family who interact with  me outside of facebook but I always feel like it’s not worth it. When I log out I feel pretty alienated which is the only reason I keep logging back in (and undoubtedly will again within a week or so of this post).

Facebook is a roadblock between me and real relationships.

So I reiterate: I still hate you, Facebook.


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