I wish pregnancy tests worked same day!

Posted by Tajanator on November 22, 2010 at 11:20 AM


The waiting sucks!!


I know for a fact that we timed everything correctly and yet I have to wait 10 days and longer to test to see if we did it or not! I have no way of knowing if I am pregnant yet and I hate the suspense.  Every month we have tried, I feel like I have to wait half of the month to find out if it worked or not.  Its hard not to become pessimistic too… because all tests have come back negative so far or we wouldn’t be trying still.  Also, I am worried I can’t even have kids because I was born with a birth defect… what if that effected my mommy areas?


This weekend, I had a dream that I was pregnant.  I wondered if that was a good sign… like my body was telling me something?  Then, i smelled detergent really strongly all morning and thought I tasted soap in my coffee.  Cris said he thought I was pregnant because of these things but I think he is wrong for several reasons.


  1. We have been doing laundry all last week so detergent is in the air.
  2. He may not have tasted it, but the coffee was bad. When I made new coffee, the bad taste went away.. if i was hormonal i would have continued to taste it with the new batch too.
  3. These types of funny symptoms don’t happen until after the first couple weeks… like after you have missed your first period…
I don’t mind that he is optimistic but I don’t like being built up then let down… I would rather be more realistic and not assume anything until a test says positive.

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